Murals and Hand-Painted Signs by Liz Mercer and Erik Sunderman

A mural painting of Frankenstein on the exterior of a costume shopOld Frankenstein at Mascarade Costume Shop, painted by Erik Sunderman

Elizabeth Mercer and Erik Sunderman are an art duo originally from Oklahoma City. As self-taught artists, Erik and Liz specialize in murals and hand-painted signs, as well as each maintaining an individual body of works on canvas.

A small painting of a baby gorilla on a bamboo poleBaby Gorilla on Bamboo, acrylic on canvas, Liz Mercer


Liz and Erik’s portfolio is primarily focused on figurative artworks. The pair’s mural works are generally tailored to the needs of a particular space and business, so many of these works are abstracted or designed as patterns. Both artists seem to have an affinity for 20th-century films and the actors and characters therein, with pop-culture references appearing throughout the portfolio.


A screen capture of Erik Sunderman's gallery of paintings on canvasErik's gallery of works on canvas


Each artist also has a portfolio section dedicated to individual works. Erik’s works are realistic and his recent choice of subjects has included numerous animals. Rendered beautifully in black and white, these paintings showcase an incredible level of attention to detail. Liz’s portfolio contains similarly photorealistic figurative works. Among her animals and human figures is the occasional exploration foray into abstraction, in combination with recognizable forms.


A painting by Liz Mercer of a figure in an abstract fieldYou Is All I See, Acrylic on canvas, Liz Mercer

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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