Cubist Influences: Art by Brian Rusconi

An abstract painting by Brian RusconiLightning, acrylic on canvas

Brian Rusconi has been making art for his entire life. Brian’s current portfolio is filled with cubist influences, bright colors, and imagery that is not quite figurative and not quite abstract.

An abstract pastel drawing of a human figureMan in the Sun, pastel on paper

I quite like the heavy line art and decisive, highly saturated color choices that Brian draws upon in his works. Many of these seem influenced by mid-20th century artists like Picasso or Constantin Brancusi. Though he works in many different media, Brian seems to have a particular affinity for acrylic paint. Despite the quick-drying nature of this medium, the artist does a good job of creating images that maintain a sense of visual ambiguity.


A screen capture of a gallery on Brian Rusconi's art websiteBrian's Showcase gallery on his portfolio website


Brian also works frequently in pastel and charcoal – his charcoal works are a little more subdued and tend to focus on line contours rather than voluminous color fields. Meanwhile, his pastel works have the same color volumes but are more heavily textured, seeming to vibrate with movement and energy.


A charcoal drawing of two abstracted facesDeux Visages Bruns, charcoal on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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