Painting as Spiritual Practice: Art by Carolyn Bonier

A painting by Carolyn Bonier of an abstracted dogUntitled

Carolyn Bonier is a Massachusetts artist who often explores the idea of painting as spiritual meditation. Working with a range of subject matter as well as pure abstraction, Carolyn brings a sense of joy to each of her paintings.


A painting made with a large plane of orange and a large plane of blueMessage


I enjoy seeing the contrast in the levels of abstraction that Carolyn employs. In her semi-abstract and abstract works Carolyn paints in a hard-edged yet loose, bright style. Utilizing large fields and shapes of highly saturated color, she tends toward simplified compositions that seem focused on the act of painting more than the final product.


A screen capture of the front page of Carolyn Bonier's art websiteThe front page of Carolyn's portfolio website


The artist’s figurative works keep to a similar gestural style, though in this body of work Carolyn tightens up her composition and adds more detail to each image. The subject matter that the artist chooses to render figuratively includes landscapes, architectural elements and human figures. I also enjoy Carolyn’s work with watercolors and alcohol inks. These galleries are extremely focused on color, and allowing these media to act in their natural, fluid way. 


An abstract work with  alcohol inksUntitled, alcohol ink

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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