Play and Scientific Exploration: Art by B.A. Martel

A painting of a skeleton in a floral fieldThe cycle of Life and Death, acrylic on canvas

B.A. Martel is an artist located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Using a range of traditional media, the artist creates works that evoke a sense of play and scientific exploration, drawing from nature, domesticity, and human constructions.


An abstract painting with bright yellow and blue tonesRhapsody in Yellow Number One, acrylic on canvas

Martel’s painted works are often created in a very loose, almost naïve style. The artist seems focused on capturing the color and exuberance of the act of painting, more than rendering any particular subject in purely accurate detail. Martel’s painting portfolio occasionally makes reference to artistic figures, such as surrealist artist Rene Magritte.


A screen capture of B.A. Martel's online painting galleryThe painting gallery on Martel's website


I like how densely packed Martel’s canvases are –  the artist doesn’t use very much negative space, or  monochromatic backgrounds, instead often filling the entire canvas plane with plants and other landscape elements, painted in the same level of detail and relief as the foreground. Martel’s drawing works offer a little more in the way of negative space, and the artist’s spare series of animal drawings is rather charming in this way. 


A watercolor painting of a deer on paperDeer, watercolor on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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