Sweeping, Soft Artworks: Painting by Anne Farrall Doyle

An abstract mixed media artwork with smooth color blendingBluebell Sway, mixed media

Pembrokeshire, Wales-based artist Anne Farrall Doyle works in mixed media, creating sweeping, soft artworks that offer enough abstraction to lend different meaning upon each view. Anne’s practice is an experimental and thoughtful one, as the artist tends to work through each piece intuitively.


A mixed media abstract artwork by Anna Farrall DoyleNew Year, mixed media


I really love the way Anne employs incredibly smooth blending techniques in her works. Often, the basis for a painting seems to be made from layers upon layers of deep tonal colors, blended together so as to almost look like layered or wrinkles fabric. In some works she also introduces moments of hard, splattered paint, but this technique usually serves as an accent rather than the focal point.


A screen capture of the front page of Anna Farrall Doyle's art websiteThe front page of Anna's website


There’s a great sense of peaceful impressionism in Anne’s works. Even in paintings that are completely abstract, like those in her Emotive gallery, each mark and patch of color seems intentional and deliberate. These fuzzy shapes and occasional harsh lines come together to form very real scenes that evoke distinct moods. 


A watercolor painting of some red rosesRed Rose, watercolor

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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