Colorful Works of Functional Art: Ceramics by Jack Caselles


A selection of gold and blue glazed ceramic cups

Gold blue cups


Jack Caselles, a.k.a. Cactus Jack, is a ceramic artist. After working for NASA in aerospace and aeronautics, Jack turned to the field of education, and has been teaching numerous subjects including ceramics for over 3 decades. In his own practice, Jack creates colorful works of functional art.


A unique vase made with a ceramic crackling effectCrackle FC Globe


Jack’s ceramic works are often quite bright and colorful. The artist uses many different glazing techniques, though he seems to be able to coax his own unique style out of most any material.  The juxtaposition between traditional techniques and Jack’s own contemporary style is visible and pleasing to the eye in most of his works.


Jack Caselles' online gallery of ceramic worksThe ceramic gallery on Jack's website,


The artist’s creations range from sturdy and utilitarian, to polished, glossy works of functional art. Working with jars, cups, vases and numerous other vessels, Jack creates works that are designed to be used and appreciated in the home. Check out Jack’s portfolio for more ceramic works, or other artists on the site like Elaine Clapper.  


A photo of a handmade Raku vaseRaku Vase 1

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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