Jocelyn's Fine Art Gallery: Art and Curation by Jocelyn Duchek

An alcohol ink paper primarily in green tonesA Life That's Good, alcohol ink on Yupo paper (Jocelyn Duchek)

Jocelyn Duchek is the owner of Jocelyn’s Fine Art Gallery in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan. The gallery is home to several resident artists including Ducek herself, who has recently been working with the media of alcohol ink and acrylic paint.


A painting of trees and stumps in a woodRoom to Breathe, acrylic on canvas (Branta Studios)


I really like seeing the contrast in Duchek’s artworks between her acrylic paintings and her alcohol ink works. Her acrylics achieve a realistic, smoothly detailed look that presents scenes both urban and natural in a beautiful light. Her ink paintings on the other hand, are far more illustrative. Duchek does a good job of using the necessarily free-form medium to create colorful backgrounds that she then reins in with line art.


A screen capture of the main page of Jocelyn's Fine Art Gallery websiteThe gallery's main page


Other artist represented by the gallery include oil painter Jan Layh, wood sculptor Chris Nakoneshny and bead artist Ganna Stalneko. While each artist works in a strikingly different style with different media, it’s interesting that I can still spot a thread of relationship between these works. Something about the overall tone of the gallery’s artists is neatly cohesive. 


A selection of carved willow wood bowlsWillow Wood Bowls (Chris Nakoneshny)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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