Commercial-Style Photographs by Doug Berry

A photo of a model seated on a couchChristine

Doug Berry is a photographer who currently works in a professional practice shooting with models for fashion and commercial-style photographs. A lifelong photographer, Doug also devotes a portion of his portfolio to more abstract, creative photographic pursuits.


A photo of a model sitting next a windowZuri


I like the straightforward way that Doug likes to photograph his models. In the majority of his images, the model is facing the camera, looking directly at the viewer. This angle creates an intimate space where the viewer feels a personal connection to the model, and allows for an intense focus on the model – accordingly, Doug often composes his photographs so that the deep backgrounds are out of focus, drawing the eye to the central foreground.


A screen capture of Doug Berry's photo studio websiteThe front page of Doug's studio website,


Doug’s gallery of Artistic Works also features model photography, but in these images the focus is taken off of the figure itself and the works look more at the interaction of figure and setting, or the unique shapes created by poses of the body. Many of the works feature ballet dancers, and are reminiscent of the work of Luis Pons


A photograph of a ballerina's feet in the waterH2O

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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