Abstraction and Life-Painting by Leif Timber

An abstract painting incorporating block letter formsLexicon #4 mixed media on canvas

Lifelong artist Leif Timber has an affinity for abstraction and life-painting, with female nudes making up a large portion of his portfolio. Leif’s abstractions, often created with acrylic on canvas or paper, are imbued with a deep sense of often difficult emotion, and are captivating in their compositions.


An abstract painting with type stencilsType Face, oil on canvas


I’m always surprised by how emotionally charged Leif’s abstractions get. Each is imbued with not only depth, and color, but also a pervading sense of unease. Though the artist’s works often don’t depict anything tangible, it’s usually clear that they serve as an outlet of sorts for the person behind them, and they become very indicative of the artist’s inner feelings and intent.


A screen capture of a gallery on Leif Timber's painting websiteA gallery of Leif's paintings on his portfolio website


In a lot of ways these works remind me of those by Addison Paige, though Leif’s works tend to be less deliberate in composition. Even in his figurative works, Leif brings a sense of improvisation to his works. The artist’s nude figures utilize negative space more than his abstracts, with organic forms placed confidently on stark, white backgrounds, looking all the more exposed. 


A painting made with abstract splashes of red paintTested, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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