Strict Geometries and Washed Out Colors: Art by Marie Surprenant

An abstract artwork made with washes of blue pigment, mixed media

Marie Surprenant is a mixed media artist who works in abstraction, creating works that combine strict geometries and washed out colors. Marie’s portfolio is suffused in themes of introspection and existentialism, and her most recent series puts a new spin on these ideals.


An abstract mixed media work by Marie Surprenant

Recherche de blancs improbables no. 7, mixed media


Marie’s previous series have tended to focus on a single color scheme or a distinct overall tone in composition. In her most recent series, Recherche de blancs improbables the artist combines many different colors but keeps the organization of each image almost the identical.


A screen capture of Marie Surprenant's art websiteMarie's portfolio website,


Each of these mixed media works is composed with a solitary rectangle that seems raised slightly above the larger matte creating a geometric shadow over which pigment is applied.

I find these works function best as a series, like numerous, unflinching attempts to express or uncover a mysterious feeling.  Working in abstract washes of colored mixed media, Marie coaxes a startlingly different mood out of each work.


A mixed media artwork with layers of paper and white pigmentsRecherche de blancs improbables no. 13, mixed media

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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