Headlines: Fearless Girl, Scaffold, Google

2) Fearless Girl Acquires Canine Companion

A photo of Alex Gardega next to Fearless Girl and his pug statue


The saga of “Fearless Girl” continued this week with the addition of a small sculpture of a pug urinating on the original statue. The pug sculpture is attributed to New York artist Alex Gardega, who has called the entire affair “corporate nonsense.” According to Gardega, “Fearless Girl” has nothing to do with women’s rights and only serves to degrade the original charging bull statue, a degradation that is reflected in Gardega’s intentionally “crappy” artwork. Like Fearless Girl and the bull before it, the pug statue has thus far received mixed reviews.


2) Photographer Marie Cosindas Dies at 93


A 1962 photograph by Marie Cosindas


Pioneering photographer Marie Cosindas has passed away at the age of 93. Cosindas was known for her work with early colour photography techniques, and her creation of soft, painterly photographic images that produced a sense of tension between romantic oil painting and modern art technology. The artist was best known during the 1960’s, after she was selected as one of the first artists to test out Polaroid’s then-revolutionary Polacolor film, introduced in 1962.


3) Sam Durant's Scaffold to be Destroyed


A photo of Sam Durant speaking at the Walker Art Center


“Scaffold,” a controversial sculpture produced by artist Sam Durant, will be dismantled and ceremonially incinerated by Dakota elders in Minnesota. Originally set to be a central piece in the recently renovated Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, “Scaffold,” is a large-scale outdoor construction based partially on the architecture of a gallows that was used to execute 38 Dakota men in 1862. Members of the modern Dakota tribe felt that the sculpture was unnecessarily commemorative of the massacre, and in a meeting persuaded Walker Art Center Executive Director Olga Viso to give the go-ahead for its destruction.


4) Google Introduces New Art Search Features

A screen capture of a Google view inside a museum


The Google Arts & Culture team has rolled out some new and improved search functions for users looking for specific artworks. You’ll now be able to see higher-resolution images of works, and in some cases, a Google Street View-style look at the works hanging in a museum. Within Google Maps, users can now take complete museum tours with helpful annotations. The Arts & Culture Team already has its own app for art browsing that was released in summer of 2016.


5) A Look Back at Zaha Hadid's Greatest Designs

A photo of Dongdaemun Design Plaza, designed by Zaha Hadid


Wednesday’s Google Doodle honored architect Zaha Hadid, who died last March at the age of 65. Here’s an overview of some of the most interesting creations that Hadid had a hand in over the course of her career.


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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