Impressionist Paintings and Sketches by Julia Lesnichy

An oil pastel drawing of red tulips in a fieldRed Tulips, oil pastel on paper

Julia Lesnichy works in oil paint and pastels, creating classically-styled Impressionist paintings and sketches of natural landscapes and foliage. Julia creates many of her works outdoors, en plein air, to better capture both the original intent of the impressionists, and her modern-day subject matter.


An oil painting of an overgrown country roadCountry Road, oil paint on board


Julia notes in her artist’s statement that she is inspired by Claude Monet, one of the original artist associated with the Impressionist movement. In Julia’s works, this inspiration shines through nicely – the artist has developed a unique style to suit her own practice, but consistently pays homage to this part of art history.

A screen capture of Julia Leschnichy's art websiteThe front page of Julia's art website


The artist works both in oil paint and pastel, and it’s interesting to see these together in her portfolio, often depicting similar scenes. The contrast between the two mediums is subtle, but noticeable: Julia’s oil paintings tend to create a layered, three-dimensional look that seems more contemporary, while the oil pastel works have a smooth, softly blended finish. 


A still life painting of a vase of flowersPeonies and roses, oil painting

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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