Marine Scenery and Ships: Watercolors by Steven Lush

A watercolor painting of a yellow sailing shipThe Yellow Ship, watercolor

Steven Lush is an accomplished watercolor artist who specializes in paintings depicting coastal marine scenery and ships. A signature member of the American Watercolor Society, Steven draws inspiration from 20th century commercial illustrations and paintings.


A painting of a sailboat on calm watersBaltic, watercolor


I love the delicate hand with which Steven renders his images. Never does an image in the artist’s portfolio seem overworked, and once can see individual marks of watercolor alongside and in amongst deep layered washes.


A screen capture of Steven Lush's art websiteSteven's art website


Steven’s focus on the ocean lends itself well to the medium of watercolor, though the artist also works in oil throughout his portfolio. Using the full range of either medium, Steven is able to create great distinction between the ethereal waves of the ocean and the hard physicality of boats and architecture. I really enjoy the way he builds up oceans, often using a single color scheme and showcasing depth and texture using different shades and tones. For more marine artworks, check out the portfolio of Nella Lush.


A mixed media artwork of a ship at portBlue Triangle, oil, cold wax, brass, copper, asphalt, marble dust on linen on birch panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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