Abstract Conceptual Photography by Michel Bourquard

A manipulated photograph of a lionThe Lion Gold and Black, digitally manipulated photograph

Michel Bourquard is a Swiss-born former Engineer who now works as a photographer based in Los Angeles. Michel has worked in commercial photography with large brand names - but in his personal practice, he creates his own brand of abstract conceptual photography.


A photograph of city lights at nightColors Of The Night, photograph


Michel often uses digital manipulation techniques to enhance and distort his photographic subject matter. While the artist’s final products are often totally abstract, they are always derived from images of figurative objects. Sometimes Michel takes photos from odd angles or in extreme close-ups to obscure the reality of the subject – in other cases he manipulates the images after the fact to produce the desired effect.  


The front page of Michel Bourquard's art websitewww.michel-artconcept.net


A number of Michel’s works remind me of the photographic manipulations of Adam Mayster, particularly in the way digital media is utilized. Michel’s works are imbued with a sense of texture that is often more associated with paint or drawing than photography. The artist’s portfolio sits at an interesting intersection between digital and traditional. 


A photograph of a curling waveBeneath the Sea, digitally manipulated photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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