Painting, Photography, and Music by Stephen Harriger

An abstract photo of a geometric shape in redUntitled, photograph

Stephen Harriger is a multimedia artist working in drawing, painting, photography, and music - even sculpture. The works in Stephen’s portfolio sometimes seem to inform each other, for example, in photographs translated into paintings or drawing.


A painting of a landscape with a mountainmountain


Stephen’s works are figurative, and the artist seems drawn to a few subjects in particular. Sports figures, particularly baseball and football players, feature in both his “other media” and “digital airbrush” galleries. I find Stephen’s digital airbrush works quite interesting – they seem to begin with a photograph, which the artist then edits into a smooth, simplified work that holds the appearance of soft airbrush blending.


A screen capture of Stephen Harriger's art websiteStephen's website,


I also rather like the lamps that Stephen has made – though he only has a couple examples on his portfolio, the bird-cage-like wooden structures are somehow inviting, particularly as they are photographed in dim spaces, shining brightly.  

A photo of a birdcage lamp by Stephen HarrigerSmall Birdcage Lamp

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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