Wildly Stylized Figurative Artworks by Ashley Nitkin

A pencil drawing of a man looking pensiveDepression, watercolor pencil

Ashely Nitkin is a Toronto-based designer, graphic artist and art instructor. Working with a range of media, Ashley creates wildly styled figurative artworks for commercial and personal purposes. The artist’s traditional media include ink, acrylic, and gouache.


A stylized caricature of a woman singingMiss Violet Capri, colored pencil on paper


Ashley has a rather varied style that seems to change quite drastically depending on the nature of the image. For example, in his acrylic paintings the artist tends to go for an aptly painterly aesthetic, with heavy daubs of paint and saturated colors. Meanwhile, in pencil drawings and ink drawings he utilizes a delicate hand and sparing color, with plenty of negative space.


A screen capture of Ashley Nitkin's online portfolio galleryAshley's online gallery of works


I wonder if this sense of variation and experimentation comes from Ashley’s work as an art instructor. He certainly seems to be able to effortlessly switch between styles in an almost demonstrative manner. Each of the different works seems suited for a different application, and I can picture them ranging from murals, to book illustrations. 


An illustration of some figures enjoying a walk through the snowSnow 2, colored pencil on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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