Intuitive and Abstracted: Art by Lori Sokoluk

A mixed media artwork with neutral colors and architectural imagerySo Many Windows. What Are You Looking At? mixed media on wood panel

Lori Sokoluk is an artist based in Vancouver, BC. Her works are intuitive and abstracted in nature, with a focus on the act and process of art-making, though they are occasionally inspired by outside narratives and figures.


A mixed media artwork with an abstracted image of a cityPortTown11, mixed media on wood panel


I’m quite inspired by Lori’s newest works, in her Port Town series. Each of these images is inspired by port towns that the artist has visited. Lori utilizes interestingly gray color tones, with heavy line art that seems to drag its way down the canvas. The works are very structural, and take on the aesthetics of blueprints, or schematics. I find them quite Illustrative in a rather gothic fashion.


The front page of Lori Sokoluk's art websiteThe front page of Lori's art website


Lori’s previous works have incorporated more color, tending toward a collaged aesthetic with abstract planes of color stuck on and overlapping one another.  

A mixed media collage artwork showing precious gemstonesOpal, acrylic, mixed media and metallic leaf on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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