Marketplaces and Exhibitions at Blackberry Gift Shop

An image of a paper cutting by Yolanda CheungSilent Tiger, matted and framed paper cut, Yolanda Cheung

Port Moody-based Blackberry Gift Shop and Artist Co-Op offers local British Columbia artists a chance to display and sell their works. Founded in 1997, the society puts on numerous annual marketplaces and exhibitions, as well as regular operation of the gift shop.


A pair of ceramic jars by Pauline DoyleAnnie and John, ceramic, Pauline Doyle

The Blackberry Gift Shop website includes examples of work by member artists. The type of work varies, ranging from traditional Chinese paper cuttings by Yolanda Cheung, to ceramics by Pauline Doyle, to jewelry by Zara Lau, Luci Gimenes and others. Each artist has their own unique style, though all the work seems to fit with the general mission of the Co-Op and artist society, favoring soft, colorful aesthetics, wearable art, and small-scale wall-hanging pieces.


A screen capture of the Christmas Marketplace page onthe  Blackberry Artist Co Op websiteA page for Blackberry Co Op's Christmas Marketplace


Among the society’s activities are local exhibitions featuring selected member artists. The society also puts on an annual Christmas Marketplace between November and December, which has grown into a popular community event. 


A selection of handmade jewelry with red cordingJewelry by Zara Lau

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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