Nostalgic Lens: Painting by Edith Dora Rey

An oil and acrylic painting of a couple at their weddingComing Out, oil and acrylic on panel

Featured artist Edith Dora Rey works in a range of painted media. Edith’s paintings tend to have a single-subject focus, often seen through a slightly nostalgic lens, with the artist working in subdued colors reflect the look of photographs.


A painting of a deer, goat and chicken using bright primary colorsDeergoatchicken, acrylic and oil on wood panel, incised


Edith’s soft, blended style works differently with different subjects, producing a range of images from bright, playful imaginings to somber portraits.  The artist often utilizes a loose but realistic style in combination with a monochromatic background, combining aesthetics from multiple paintings disciplines.


A screen capture of Edith Dora Rey's art


I love the way Edith swaps soft neutral colors for loud primary colors in her Don’t Eat Your Friends series, which focuses in on the livestock industry. There’s a clear thread of love for animals throughout Edith’s portfolio – it reminds me of the work of Lesli Devito, particularly in Edith’s gallery of Dogs + Cats portraits. In her works that feature human figures, Edith’s paintings take on an interesting vintage aesthetic, as if she’s using old family photographs as reference. 


A painting of a black cat with white markingsBadBetty, oil on wood

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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