Spheres of Color: Art by Anai Greog

An artwork by Anai GreogTrue Thoughts

Anai Greog is an artist and illustrator who creates colorful geometric worlds. Greog’s artworks function as self-contained spheres of color and shape, with bright, unshaded hues overlapping and interacting to create a sense of evolution and movement within the image.


A digital artwork within a rounded picture planeBeyond the Shape


I like the cohesiveness of the artist’s portfolio overall – while the shapes and colors in Greog’s works may vary, the artist uses a very consistent palette mainly based on primary colors, and the dimensions and shapes of all her recent compositions are nearly identical. This fact makes it very easy to read a series of Greog’s works are a sort of language in their own right, abstracted as individual pieces, but following their own internal narrative when compiled.


Greog creates artworks digitally, using a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop techniques. According to the artist, the works are partly inspired by a background in graphic design combined with studies in art therapy. 


A digital artwork featuring overlapping colored shapesDiscover

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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