Headlines: Gurlitt, Weiwei, Dali

1) Works from Cornelius Gurlitt Collection Shown Publicly for the First Time

An 1882 Rodin work held in the Gurlitt trove


A new show at the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn, Germany, marks the first time the public will be able to view works from the notorious art trove of Cornelius Gurlitt. The collection has been kept under wraps for years by German authorities, due to the questionable provenance of the works. Gurlitt’s hoard of artworks included many pieces presumed to have been looted from Jewish homes and collections by Nazis. “Dossier Gurlitt: Nazi Art Theft and Its Consequences” opens November 3rd and will showcase about 250 works, a mere fraction of the over 1,200 total in the collection.


2) Ai Weiwei's Trace at Hirshhorn Museum


A photo of Ai Weiwei standing surrounded by his Lego portraits


Ai Weiwei recently spoke to NPR about his series of works, Trace, a collection of portraits of political activists that the artist created from donated Lego bricks while he himself was under house arrest in China. The portraits debuted in 2014 at Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, but a new showing at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, DC, will mark the first time that Weiwei is able to attend an exhibition of the works.


3) Manchester Exhibition Showcases Joy Division and New Order Artwork


A poster for a 1980 Joy Division Concert by Scott King


Those who like their art with a heavy side of New Wave and early goth rock will enjoy this sample of True Faith, a new show at the Manchester Art Gallery that explores the aesthetics surrounding the musical era of Joy Division and New Order. The works in question range from mod-style poster art to photography to classical painting, but all have a sense of the slightly mocking existential dread that the lyrics and melodies of the associated acts tended to explore. Opening today, the exhibit goes until September 3rd.


4) Salvador Dali's Body to be Exhumed for Paternity Test

A photograph of Salvador Dali

A court in Spain has ruled for the body of famed surrealist Salvador Dali to be exhumed in order to settle a paternity suit. Pilar Abel Martinez has reportedly been trying to prove that she is the biological daughter of the artist since 2007. According to Abel, Dali had an affair with her mother in 1955 while he was living and working in Port Lligat. If proven, Abel’s status as Dali’s only child would allow her to make a claim toward the artist’s estate, which is currently under jurisdiction of the Spanish government.


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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