Felted Fabric Creations by Valerie Johnson

A photo of two felted chicken sculpturesGuinea Hens, felted P-clay sculptures

Valerie Johnson has lived all over the United States, and is currently based in Virginia. The artist makes felted fabric creations under her studio name, Flying Cow Creations.


A wall-hanging felt artwork of a fox and a rabbitFox and Bunny Tea Party, wet felting and needle felting with stitched details


Working with her chosen soft and colorful medium, Valerie creates artworks in a number of different styles, ranging from large sculptural objects to simple wall-hangings and functional objects. I enjoy Valerie’s series of wall-hangings, most of which are designed with a sort of collage sensibility, with deliberate shapes of felt layered over one another to create a distinct scene. There’s a sense of whimsy in all of these works, with many featuring slightly anthropomorphized animals, flowers, and highly saturated background hues.


A screen capture of Valerie Johnson's textile art websitewww.flyingcowcreations.com


Valerie’s portfolio work also includes a selection of wearable artworks and even home décor like a fully felted ottoman. The artist also dabbles in sculpture, creating bright, cartoonish creatures using paper-maché and polymer clay, painting them with bright blues and other colors. 

A blue fish sculpture situated in an outdoor flower potBlue Beta, P-clay sculpture in a pot

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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