Abstraction and Earthy Figures: Art by Beatriz Gomez Anzaldua

An abstract painting with separate planes of colorUnbreakable, mixed media on canvas

Beatriz Gomez Anzaldua is a Mexican artist whose work combines colorful abstraction and earthy figures, sometimes in the same picture plane. Born in southern Texas, Beatriz spent time studying in New York before moving to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where she is currently based.


A painting of an older man with a black eyeUncle of no regrets, oil on canvas


The contrast in Beatriz’ portfolio between bright high-contrast colors and quiet portraiture is very interesting. The subjects of her figurative portraits tend to be older adults, painted in a straightforward fashion so that they appear to stare directly out of the picture plane at the viewer. The works are imbued with a sense of curiosity, or even defiance. In a couple of these paintings, the subjects are pictured with facial injuries, details which in combination somewhat poetic titles makes for an added layer of intrigue.


A screen capture of Beatriz Gomez Anzaldua's art websiteBeatriz' website, www.beatrizgomez.ca


The artist’s abstract figures are almost a straight combination of her other series – the figures in these works are sketchy, unfinished looking, like specters on a background of the artist’s blocky color planes. The abstract backgrounds are not so subdued, but rely on deep, earthy tones to get a similar effect. 


A painting with neutral color planes and figuresI'll prove it now, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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