Branding Art and Design by Stephen Plunkett

A digital drawing of a rotund space airplaneSpaceplane 3


Stephen Plunkett is a graphic designer and digital artist based in Toronto, Ontario. Stephen has worked professionally with corporations like Sportsnet, CBC, and Alliance Atlantis. His portfolio features examples of advertisement and branding art and design as well as fun personal projects.

A digital artwork by Stephen Plunkett featuring a drawing of a dogLola Report 13

I like the range that Stephen displays in his portfolio, which includes detailed drawings of fictional and realistic jets, dogs, and posters that showcase the artist’s graphic design sensibilities. Stephen’s Lola Report artworks, a collection of drawings presumably meant to capture the current position or activity of the artist’s dog. Shown together as a series, the drawings have a really cute sequential feeling to them, and look as though they could work nicely as an animation.


A screen capture of Stephen Plunkett's art and design websiteStephen's website,


Among Stephen’s graphic design works are a series of animated visuals created for Canadian televised sports programs. I enjoy the way these designs combine both the artist’s technical skill, and the somewhat lighthearted approach that he often seems to apply to his work. 


Maple Leafs open - Sportsnet Rebrand (Rogers Media)



Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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