Soft, Dreamy Paintings by Yvonne Foster

A painting of flowers in abstracted yellow tonesFlowers and Fields

Yvonne Foster, is originally from Wisconsin and is now based out of a studio space in Minneapolis. The artist creates soft, dreamy paintings of pastoral landscapes, florals, and abstract planes using traditional paint media.


A painting of a Wisconsin fieldField #2, acrylic on canvas

The majority of Yvonne’s portfolio works are created in acrylic and oil paint. Compositionally, the artist works with simplified forms, and deep patches of color, layered with small, subtle blending to create a mottled, textured look almost like a fresco. I like the way Yvonne simplifies sweeping landscapes into a few planes of color, occasionally with the sparse figures of trees or flowers, or even boats as in her Seascapes.  


A screen capture of Yvonne Foster's art websiteThe front page of Yvonne's art website


Yvonne’s portfolio also includes a selection of the artist’s hand-painted shoes. It’s interesting to see her style translated into a more strictly functional medium, and this application of hand-painted patterns onto wearable textiles is reminiscent of some of the floral work by Michael Shyka


A painting of some flowers on a pair of shoesMeadow, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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