Smooth, Partially Abstracted Paintings by Richard Turtletaub

A painting triptych by Richard TurtletaubPipe Triptych, oil on canvas

Richard Turtletaub specializes in smooth, partially abstracted paintings that harken back to 60’s pop-art and commercial painting. Richard works professionally as a graphic designer and illustrator, and his works have appeared in various well-known publications.


A painting of a white shape silhouetted against a scenic backgroundParhelia, oil on canvas


Richard’s portfolio is packed with color-saturated and often surreal compositions that seem inspired by the likes of Salvador Dali or Rene Magritte. The artist’s subject matter swings between straight renditions of human figures and objects, to cryptically symbolic compositions where forms that seem to abstractly reference human figures are painted in stark, color-saturated landscapes.


The gallery of paintings on Richard Turtletaub's art websiteRichard's online painting gallery


In a few works, Richard combines a number of portrait-style panels, each depicting a fragmented figure, into a cohesive artwork. The style of the painted objects is smooth and polished like hand-painted vintage magazine advertisements. I like the way these works reduce recognizable figures to signifiers - in combination with titles and codified color schemes, each image seems to hold a secret message that the viewer must unfold. 


A painting with imagery from advertising and science themesOral Fixation, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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