Modern Interiors: Design by Kolme

A photograph of an interior design scheme for an advertising firm

Advertising and marketing headquarters


Kolme is an interior design firm, based in Taipei, Taiwan, that specializes in sleek, modern interiors for homes and businesses. Kolme interiors tend toward right angles and combinations of industrial materials and warm wood accents.


A photo of interior designs for a law officeLaw Office


It’s interesting to be able to see the difference between Kolme’s designs for business and private interiors on the company website, as subtle as it may be. The company’s designs for businesses such as offices, restaurants, and shopfronts tend to rely a little more heavily on industrial materials, for example, using large stretches of white or concrete walls to add brightness to a space. In one office space, dark hardwoods dominate to create a feeling of warmth and maturity.


A screen capture of the front page of Kolme design firm's websiteThe front page of the Kolme website


Kolme’s designs for private homes are more focused on earthy tones. In general, smaller spaces necessitate a look toward a slightly cozier, more casual atmosphere. Hard, geometric lines still reign in these modern interiors. The company has also worked with the artists of Mizzonk, creating a geometric, architectural artwork. 


A residential interior designed by KolmeA residential interior

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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