Layered Figuration and Abstraction by Randall Day

A black and white digital artwork depicting a magical sceneHand Them to the Mystics, digital

Randall Day works in digital and traditional media, creating works of layered figuration and abstraction. Randall has also created a number of abstract films, exploring a sense of distortion in a traditionally documentary medium.


An abstract painting with spray paint and hard lines[Untitled], oil on spraypaint on canvas


Randall’s recent digital works are in black and white, and express an interestingly graphic, high-contrast aesthetic that references comic book illustration. These dizzying images pack a great deal of detail into a relatively small picture plane, while the solid black planes and white highlights create an intense and dramatic tone.


A screen cap of Randall Day's art portfolio


There is a common thread of lines and patterns layered over photographic or figurative images in Randall’s portfolio. Even in his painted works, there are numerous examples of artworks where heavy, straight geometric lines cut through a picture plane, interrupting or partially obscuring an image that would otherwise be quite painterly. It’s an interesting contrast and a source of visual tension that’s employed in interestingly different ways throughout Randall’s portfolio.


An abstract and figureal paintingCanadian Club Sammich, watercolour

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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