Portfolio Website: Tracy Jager

Collage of two men walking up a mountain

"You'd planned to move with a kind of largeness"

collage assembled from images hand-cut from vintage magazines/books


I'm a visual artist who lives in Vancouver, Canada.  My art can also be found online under my pseudonym 'livingferal'. I make collages, take photos, draw, sew, and occasionally make books and write.

My dreamscape collages are influenced by my interest in philosophy, poetry, psychology, and ecology, among other subjects.  I'm interested in edges and boundaries - intersections and transition zones and other in-between places.  

I am also grandly in love with animals and nature.  And I have a fondness for vintage things that carry a history. --Tracy Jager (aka livingferal)


View more of Tracy's collages on her portfolio website: http://tracyjager.com/

collage of a rabbit crossing the road"Alice and the rabbit - the later years"

Collage of two penguins and end of the world in the background"This is the difficulty of beginnings"

Written by: Eric Deis
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