Spaces Within Spaces: Art by Stéphane Gilot

A photo of a floor-based installation artwork installed in a galleryCe que raconte les couloirs jaunes, installation

Stéphane Gilot is a Montréal-based multimedia artist who frequently works in a unique brand of institutional critique, creating spaces within spaces in a gallery setting, and allowing visitors to interact directly with these artworks.


A drawing of a rounded structure by Stephane GilotC'est en suivant la surface


In our previous feature of Stéphane’s performative spaces, we looked at the artist’s installations, many of which take the form of large, monochromatic interactive structures. Looking through Stéphane’s portfolio again, I’m enjoying the parallels between these fully-realized structures, and the artist’s series of drawings. Many of the drawings serve as blueprints or sketches for eventual constructions.


A screen capture of the drawing gallery on Stephane Gilot's art websiteStéphane's gallery of drawings


Stéphane’s two-dimensional works have a very constructivist aesthetic, and seem to celebrate the same type of geometric, architectural modes of art making as his three-dimensional art. I really like the way color is employed in these works, as well – the artist often utilizes colored lines to create a multi-layered schematic of an architectural model, allowing the artist to view the piece from multiple angles at once. 

A collage of drawings detailing plans for a pavilionLe pavilion, collage

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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