Quiet, Straightforward Photographs by Gilly Russell

A photograph of a woman standing in front of a closed theatreUntitled

Gilly Russell is an artist and photographer who divides her time between France, Canada, and Australia. Working primarily with 35mm film photography, Gilly takes quiet, straightforward photographs of everyday life and staged subjects, capturing a sense of subdued yet confident beauty.


A fashion photograph of a woman standing facing away from the cameraUntitled

The artist often includes figures in her photographs, though depending on the intent of the photo the figures can play very different roles. The fashion photography gallery in Gilly’s portfolio showcases work with an intense focus on a single individual. In these photos I especially enjoy Gilly’s use of lighting. The artist has perfected a high-contrast type of lighting that calls to mind the flash of an inexpensive digital camera, and lends a candid, social-media-ready aspect to the aesthetics of the photographs.


A screen capture of Gilly Russell's art websitewww.gillyrussell.com


Gilly has also worked as an art director for several issues of the Vancouver-based Sad Mag. The photographic examples in these gallery have a slick, publishing-ready look while maintaining the candid snapshot aesthetic of much of Gilly’s work. 


A photo of a woman with a crown of flowersUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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