Patterns of Logic: Art by Steven Graubart

An abstract painting by Steven GraubartUntitled, acrylic on canvas

Steven Graubart is an abstract artist who creates dense images that follow their own patterns of logic, often utilizing an extensive color palette that comes out in predominantly earthy tones. Steven’s works range from tight, detailed line art, to looser and more expressive colored abstractions.


A black and white patterned drawing with blue accentsUntitled


In his paintings, I appreciate the way Steven takes advantage of the thickness and viscosity of the medium to build up his images on the painted surface. Many of the works showcase three-dimensional texture and colors that interact directly with backgrounds and other moments in the painting.  


A screen capture of Steven Graubart's art websiteThe front page of Steven's portfolio website


In his drawings, Steven relies more on well-defined patterns, using the overlap of lines to section each image into a number of different planes, and then filling each with a different pattern. In many of these works, monochromatic blocks of color appear behind the line art, adding extra dimension to the image and making for a really high-contrast, graphic piece of artwork. 


An ink drawing of abstracted patterned shapesmah ze 2, ink on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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