Artist Website: Edward Bear Miller

Nude painting of a woman in water"Woman awash", Oil on canvas

I paint as a means to connect with the visible universe surrounding me and the less visible universe within me.  Often a pretty picture results, but painting pretty pictures is not my primary objective.  I am immersing myself in the stuff of existence, in color and contour and spatial relationships.  I process them and they merge with memories, urges, ideas of right and wrong and what is beautiful. --Edward Bear Miller

Edward “Bear” Miller was born and raised in the District of Columbia. He paints wild and industrial spaces, figures, and portraits, working on site and in his studios. He is represented by the Foundry Gallery in DC, the Corscaden Barn of Art in Upstate New York, and the Octavia Art Gallery in New Orleans.


View more of Edward's figure paintings on his artist website:

painted portrait of an old man"Papa in March", Oil on canvas


nude male washing his face in a lake"Man Awash", Oil on canvas

Written by: Eric Deis
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