Delectable Treats: Illustration by Kendall Hillegas

A drawing of two colorful ice cream coneTwo Ice Cream Cones, mixed media on Rives BFK

Kendyll Hillegas is an artist and illustrator based in Boston. Hillegas’ current practice focuses on photorealistic images of delectable treats like candy and ice cream, with the artist seeking to explore the narrative properties of food.

A drawing of three lollipopsNeon Lollipops, mixed media on Rives BFK


I’m really impressed by the level of detail even in the texture of these foods – things like hard candy are smooth and glossy, while foods with more grainy textures – like waffle ice cream cones, for example – reflect that in the way they are rendered. The colors that Hillegas utilizes are almost brighter-than-life, making the foods appear fresh and enticing.


Hillegas’ works are generally focused around a single, central food object, with clean white negative space surrounding it so the viewer is compelled to closely examine the drawing. Something like the artwork of Cindy Scaife, or Joel Penkman, Hillegas’ illustrations draw attention to the simple beauty of well-constructed snack. 


A drawing of a s'moreS'more, mixed media on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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