Attractive Materials: Installation by Magali Hébert-Huot

A sculpture made from a stack of smoothed and machined pieces of wood

Untitled (Log Pile), MDF, wood paneling, stucco

Magali Hébert-Huot is a Baltimore-based conceptual installation artist who works with smooth, attractive materials in bright singular colors. Magali’s works sometimes take the form of standalone sculptures, and sometimes function in tandem as room-filling installations.


An installation view of several minimalist sculpturesMa Cabane Au Canada


I enjoy the way Magali’s works lend themselves to both a narrative and objective sensibility. On the one hand the objects, combined with titles that are often poetic or suggestive, open up worlds of exploration and potential meaning depending on the interpretation of the viewer. On the other hand, they are beautiful, tactile objects in their own right and are just as enjoyable when taken purely at face value.


A screen capture of Magali Hebert-Huot's art websiteMagali's website front page


Magali recently created an installation in collaboration with Texas artist Zach Ingram. The installation, “Because He” creates a great sense of tension between the artist’s styles, which, while similar, also provoke a feeling of contrasted opposites when viewed in tandem. 

An installation view of Because He, a collaboration between Magali Hebert-Huot and Zach IngramBecause He, (installation view at Open Space) collaboration with Zach Ingram 

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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