Headlines: Water, Dogs, STEAM

1) Artist Plans Sale of Flint Water

A video still of Pope.L discussing his Flint Water Project


Artist Pope.L is planning an ambitious piece of conceptual art for the Detroit-based gallery, What Pipeline. Pope.L’s project, descriptively titled Flint Water Project, will involve the bottling and sale of 1,200 individual bottles of water from Flint, Michigan, the town which has become infamous for its protracted struggle with area government to restore clean drinking and tap water. In order to realize the exhibition, Pope.L is attempting to raise $12,500 through a Kickstarter campaign to facilitate the purchase of materials and the organization of labor.


2) Dogumenta Debuts in Manhattan


A photo of an exhibit at Dogumenta

You’ve heard of Documenta, but have you heard of Dogumenta? The newly realized show is set to take over Brookfield Place in Lower Manhattan this weekend (August 11th - 13th). Designed to be enjoyed, or at least, interacted with, by dogs, the show will be free and open to the public. All the artworks in the show have been commissioned from exhibiting artists and will take the form of everything from painting to sculpture to installation - with the noteable difference of being installed predominantly at dog-level, with many of the works featuring sights, sounds and smells tailored to canine senses.


3) Promise for Combining the Arts with STEM


A photo from Kari Byron's Instagram

In this Popular Science article, Mythbusters alum Kari Byron discusses the idea of combining STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education with artistic principles, forming a cluster that some are calling STEAM. While traditional thinking says that individuals tend to have more of an aptitude for one or the other, according to Byron the initiative to introduce artistic thinking to the STEM stream may prove that these learning styles can work well in tandem, and even have more overlap than many might think. The most important thing is giving kids the opportunity to explore and gain knowledge using methods that best suit the individual.


4) Photos of Pareidolia

A photograph by Justin Sutcliffe 

Finally, do you find yourself seeing faces in inanimate objects? It happens to most of us, and there’s a name for it. This photo series by Justin Sutcliffe explores the phenomenon of pareidolia, presenting various objects, arrangements, and even landscapes that appear to our brains to have faces.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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