Introspective Travels: Art by Melissa A. Owoc

An abstract painting with earthy neutral tones as well as blueThe Abstraction of Oz, acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Painter and photographer Melissa A. Owoc uses her body of work to explore the self. Her abstract works are informed by her own introspective travels, and a philosophical mindset.

An abstract painting composed mainly in blue pigmentsLightness of being in flow, acrylic and mixed media on canvas


Outside of her artistic practice, Melissa has worked as a management consultant for large tech companies. Knowing this, I find a lot of her artworks take on a sort of meditative tone. I enjoy the composition of the artist’s abstract paintings, and the way Melissa floods the entire canvas with pigment yet always seems to have a master plan for the shape and arrangement of the color planes.

A screen capture of Melissa A. Owoc's art websiteThe front page of Melissa's website


Melissa’s photographic works are remarkably cohesive in terms of style, and similar to her painted works. As we discussed in our previous feature of her work, many of Melissa’s works seem to express water in different states. Whether it’s waves crashing on the beach, or a wave-shaped rock formation, there’s a sense of flow that permeates all the artist’s works. 

A photo of the wake left on the water by a ferry[Water] Ferry from Islay, photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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