Artist Website: Michelle Marcotte

Painting of corn on the cob and tomatoes"Corn on the Cob and Toasted Tomato Sandwiches for Dinner", Oil on canvas

I worked over 35 yrs as a home economist, a food scientist, food and nutrition journalist, food stylist, and a food and agriculture regulatory affairs specialist. I still do those things, so painting food fresh and prepared really holds my heart.

Ideas come to me. I buy the food, prepare the food, style the food into a composition, photograph the food and then paint. (Also eat it.) It's a rather holistic process for me. I do not use someone else's food photography, but I will use someone else's food -- the bakeries and other sources of the food will be written on the document you will receive with the painting. Also if you have a restaurant or a special dish you create, I'm willing to paint your food on commission. --Michelle Marcotte

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painting of fruits and vegetables in a bowel
"Family portrait", Oil on canvas

painting of lilies

"Red Dragonfly in Chendu's Canna Lilies

Written by: Eric Deis
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