Overlapping Planes: Art by Donna Bruni

An abstract painting made primarily with blue tonesBlue Space series, I, oil on canvas

American abstract painter Donna Bruni creates paintings that are carefully layered and sometimes sanded, revealing overlapping planes of color and texture that interact to form an impression of a scene or an emotion. Donna primarily works in oil, celebrating the fluidity of her chosen medium.

A blue abstract painting with yellow highlightsBlue Space series II, oil on canvas


I really enjoy the confidence with which Donna lays down her pigments in each work. Though each canvas generally showcases a wide range of colors and shades, the overall palette is often fairly cohesive, with one or two contrasted notes. I find that the smoothness of the artist’s marks, though varied in size, lends a great focus to the composition and allows the viewer to see pure pigment rather than the decisions of the artist.

The front page of Donna Bruni's art websiteThe front page of Donna's website


Some of Donna’s works have a fresco aesthetic to them, and remind me a little of the subdued works of Nella Lush. The artist’s use of sanding techniques to weather and texture her artworks solidifies the comparison to outdoor paintings, and works of art that have a history and story to them.

A painting on a white gessoed surfaceWhisper, oil on gessoed paper


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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