Hidden Signifiers: Art by Cameron McLellan

A mixed media artwork composed of planes of pigment and small marksSV8, graphite, acrylic, and gesso on canvas

Cameron McLellan is a Vancouver-based artist who works in traditional and conceptual media, exploring the hidden signifiers in the architecture and infrastructure of the city. In his recent works, Cameron has explored the tension between the old and the new, within a single building.

An installation view of a gradient panel in a gallery floorHastings + Carrall - installation view, acrylic on plywood (Interurban Gallery, Vancouver, BC)


Cameron’s installation Hastings + Carrall is made at the Interurban Gallery, housed in the Templeton Building, a heritage building in Vancouver’s downtown. The installation explores the evolution of the original space, and its current social and commercial usage. I really like the idea of emphasizing an existing imperfection in the gallery floor, as Cameron has done.

A screen capture of Cameron McLellan's art websitewww.cameronmclellan.com


By installing a plywood panel that painted in a gradient pattern between the street entrance to the gallery and the gallery wall, Cameron draws viewers physically into the space, and creates a space for contemplation without giving away any obvious answers. It’s a neat site-specific work that functions only when placed within this specific gallery as a whole.

An installation view of a work at Interurban Gallery in Vancouver, BCHastings + Carrall - installation view, acrylic on plywood (Interurban Gallery, Vancouver, BC)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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