Movement and Flow: Woodwork by Derek Bencomo

A photo of a piece of woodwork by David BencomoThe Feeling of Movement, 7th View, Hawaiian curly Koa wood

Derek Bencomo currently lives and works in Maui, Hawaii, where he creates works of wood carving and sculpture that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. Derek’s style is one that celebrates smooth movement and flow within a static object.

A photo of a handmade wooden vesselCome to me Dancing, Queensland Maple


I really enjoy looking through the 2017 works in Derek’s gallery. The artist does an excellent job of smoothing the surfaces of his pieces, creating undulating bowls and concave tabletops that are so evenly polished that they appear like soft pieces of fabric or even liquid. I also really enjoy the table legs on raised works – often uneven, with well-planned inconsistencies, they look highly organic, like vines or the legs of a sea creature, lending these table pieces a sense of life.

A screen capture of Derek Bencomo's art websiteDerek's portfolio website,


Derek’s works manipulate the wood heavily while still managing to celebrate the natural state of it. In his works with Koa Wood, a rare wood native to Hawaii, imperfections, holes and knots become the focal point of the work.

An original woodworking piece made from TeakProtea Dancer, Teak

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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