Organic, Energetic Forms: Art by Eva Lys Champagne

A sculpture composed of an earthy pot with white tendril formsA Great, Gracious, Aggressive Abandon

Eva Lys Champagne is a sculptor and traditional artist who works with organic, energetic forms. Eva grew up in Hong Kong and has worked as an educator and resident artist throughout the United States and Europe. She now resides in Montana.

A sculpture of colorful objects trapped in a sculpted structureUntitled


Eva uses her artistic practice to explore the natural sciences in conjunction with more esoteric areas like cosmology. Like much of the work in her portfolio, Eva’s recent works seem to reference plants, microbes, and other biological forms. I really enjoy the way these works are structured – the sculpture itself is smooth and seems expertly rendered even in its abstraction, and the contrast between deep, earthy brown hues and bone-colored or bright blue and green elements is striking.

A screen capture of Eva Lys Champagne's art websiteEva's gallery of new work


In her works on paper, Eva explores similar forms but takes advantage of a medium with perhaps fewer constraints to bring in more layers and colorful patterns. I appreciate the way these works sit alongside Eva’s sculptures, without necessarily being plans or sketches for later sculptures.

A drawing of an abstracted flower-like strcutureSelective Memory #11, pencil, ink and acrylic

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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