Costuming and Collage: Art by Julie McIntyre

A photo of a textile artwork by Julie McIntyreChildren's Purse, laser prints, assorted papers, millboard, ribbon, grommets, glue

Julie McIntyre is a textile artist and resident artist with the Vancouver School Board. Julie uses her chosen medium in interesting and innovative waves, combining costuming and collage to make art objects that are part sculpture, part tapestry, part photo album.

An artwork made from a combination of textile and laser printer photographsShopkeeper's Pages, laser prints on linen, assorted papers, thread, and 2 snaps on wallet


I love the way Julie weaves a narrative into each of her artworks. In older pieces, she sometimes did this by incorporating text into quilted elements, or creating imagery by arranging scraps of fabric into particular shapes, or using pieces with existing pictures sewn on.

The front page of Julie McIntyre's art


In recent works, like her Travel Stories series, Julie utilizes photographs that are incorporated directly into the textile work. I especially enjoy the way her Collecting Stories series seems to bridge the gap between pure textile and photographic work, incorporating square elements that seem to mimic the look of printed Polaroids but upon closer inspection reveal themselves to be tiny quilted compositions.

A tiny quilt within a larger textile compositionHorseplaying (detail)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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