The Importance of Form: Art by Keshav Ramaswami



Designer, musician and artist Keshav Ramaswami creates work under the studio name AA/K/AA/R/A, a stylized form of a Sanskrit word which roughly translates into English as “formation.” Certainly, Ramaswami’s entire portfolio speaks to the importance of form.




I really enjoy the monochromatic, ultra-modern aesthetic of much of the art and design in Ramaswami’s portfolio. The linear, geometric, tech-y look and feel to many of these works calls to mind conceptual artists like Ryoji Ikeda. The artist’s own background is in molecular biology, which certainly explains many of the scientific leanings in both his aesthetic and his process.


The artist’s plusNull series is really fascinating. Using heavy black inks the artist creates abstract geometric compositions that seem to reference schematics or circuitry while maintaining a sense of mystery that prevents them from being too easily tied to anything recognizable. The high-contrast cleanliness of the images lends to the futuristic, scientific aesthetic at play.

A drawing of an abstract geometric form+∅x.364

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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