Pared-Down Cubism: Art by Rob Bailey

An illustration of various product bottles on a neutral backgroundSake Beauty product

U.K.-based illustrator Rob Bailey specializes in clean lines and large planes of color. The artist’s highly contemporary mode of pared-down cubism lends itself to editorial and advertising purposes, to which Bailey is no stranger.

A digital artwork depicting Kirk and Spock from Star TrekKirk & Spock (Zeit Magazin)


I quite enjoy the overall upbeat tone of Bailey’s illustrations. Though the subject matter varies widely from lighthearted to more serious, and while each image is treated with the brevity it deserves, the artist never fully departs from a style that emphasizes brightness. Bailey is quite skilled at adding and removing detail to precisely suit the intended purpose of the image. His works range from bordering on total abstraction, to finely detailed with colorful shading and volume.


Bailey works for Outline Artists, an ad agency based in London. I like seeing his series of ads -- like the artist’s images for Transport For London – in Bailey’s portfolio. It’s quite fascinating to be able to look at several different artistic interpretations of the same advertising subject matter, all side-by-side.

An illustrated ad campaign for London public transitTFL

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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