Horses and Hounds: Art by Jamie Holland

A pencil crayon drawing of a horse and an equestriansnuggle

Featured artist Jamie Holland depicts horses and hounds in smooth detail as well as psychedelic patterns. Jamie works in colored pencil, creating realistic images that stand up to close scrutiny, and have a wonderfully soft texture.

A drawing of a dog taking a napNap

I find Jamie’s drawings really impressive, especially in the way the artist utilizes near photorealism while maintaining a distinct and recognizable style. In her Traditional Style gallery, a range of subjects from still life to exotic animal portraits come to life in soft texture and vibrant color. Many of the artist’s equestrian works have a classical Western illustration aesthetic to them – many are reminiscent of works by Kim Fujiwara.

A screen capture of Jamie Holland's art websiteThe front page of Jamie's portfolio website

In her gallery, The Intuitive, Jamie explores an entirely different style, creating abstracted pattern-focused pieces while maintaining a focus on animal subject matter. Here the artist uses color with abandon, creating finished pieces that look somewhere between drawing, stained glass, and mosaic.

A drawing of an intricately patterned foxCindy Fox

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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