Space for Divine Intervention: Art by Cindy Snapp

An abstract acrylic painting with blue and pink tonesLight Vibration, acrylic

Today’s featured artist is Kentucky-based painter Cindy Snapp. Cindy creates paintings that are highly intuitive and deliberately abstract, while leaving space for divine intervention.

Ab abstract painting with light green and pink tonesEye of God, acrylic


I enjoy the overall cohesiveness of Cindy’s portfolio. The artist uses a similar color scheme in the majority of her paintings, a palette of greenish blues highlighted with warm pink tones that seem to mimic the look of the sky at dawn on a clear day.  Cindy’s elongated, dynamic brush marks come together in layers on the surface of each canvas, making abstracted fan-like forms that allow space for the viewer’s own interpretations.

The front page of Cindy Snapp's Art for the Soul websiteCindy's website, Art for the Soul

Cindy’s paintings put an interesting emphasis on the artist’s hand – the artist herself first began painting as a way of working through grief, and the meditative physicality of the process is visible in each piece.

A painting of abstracted shapes in blue and green huesSafe Passage, acrylic

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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