Scenes of Canadian Life: Art by Richard Brodeur

A painting of children playing ice hockeyUntitled

Richard Brodeur is a North Vancouver-based painter who paints colorful, dynamic scenes of Canadian life and landscapes. A retired NHL hockey player, the artist frequently draws inspiration from the sport and his memories of playing.

A painting of kids playing hockey in QuebecSunny afternoon in Quebec, acrylic on canvas


Creamy, movement-filled gestural paintings pack a great amount of figures and objects into the picture plane. I really enjoy the bright colors that Richard uses, particularly in his Childhood Hockey Memories series. In this series his compositions leave no corner of the canvas blank, encouraging the viewer to explore the entirety of the scene and absorb every small detail. I also love the way Richard renders snow in each of his scenes, layering it over colorful buildings in textural, soft-looking blobs of paint of varying shapes and sizes.

The front page of Richard Brodeur's art websiteRichard's portfolio website,


Richard’s landscapes tend toward a more subdued feeling, though with just as wide a color palette. Here the artist captures the picturesque desolation of Canadian landscape including the prairies and the northern shield, harkening to the works of Canadian landscape artists like Tom Thomson and Ted Harrison.

A landscape painting of a Vancouver Island shoreVancouver Island, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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