Villages and Architecture: Art by Angelo Mariano

A painting of an Italian skylineFirenze dai Giardini di Boboli, oil on panel

Angelo Mariano is a New York-based artist whose work explores the tension and symbiosis between abstraction and figurative painting. Mariano is originally from Italy, and many of his works focus on the color and aesthetics of villages and architecture in the Italian countryside and urban centers.

A painting of a small building on the Italian countrysideTrullo di Campagna II, oil on panel

Angelo’s paintings never seem overworked – each piece maintains a sense of tension between loosely, gestural brush marks and perfectly placed fine details. I especially enjoy Angelo’s architectural paintings – in these the artist does a great job of capturing the way light falls on geometric surfaces. He also creates an impressive sense of volume using different shades of similar colors, built up in brush marks that look possibly layered on with a palette knife.

The front page of Angelo Mariano's art

The artist’s gallery of abstract paintings showcases works in which his style is deconstructed into its base components – vibrant, primary colors and geometric brush marks. The works here are reminiscent of Donna Bruni or Eva Honig. Angelo’s use of overlapping paint splatters adds a sense of movement and energy to these works, and draws the eye of the viewer across the painted panel.

An abstract painting with warm red tonesBetulle, oil on panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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