Color-Reduction Woodcuts by Cathie Crawford

A colorful woodcut by Cathie CrawfordHealing Waters, color-reduction woodcut

Cathie Crawford is a printmaker specializing in color-reduction woodcuts. The artist is originally from New York, but has spent time living in Saudi Arabia, France, and Illinois. Cathie has won numerous awards for her prints, which are featured in collections and galleries all over the world.

A rainbow-colored woodcut print on Japanese paperSpectrum, color reduction woodcut on Kozo paper


Looking through Cathie’s portfolio I really enjoy the artist’s prismatic approach to print media, and the masterful way that she navigates the necessary cuts and slight imperfections inherent in the medium. I’m especially fond of the artist’s recent series of prints on Japanese Kozo paper. These works feature beautifully delicate lines and often lean into abstraction in their simplicity. The surface of the print reveals a rainbow gradient that appears slightly different with each edition, creating numerous similar, but totally unique works.  

A gallery of woodcut prints on Cathie Crawford's art websiteOne of the print galleries in Cathie's portfolio website


Many of Cathie’s woodcuts take a more playful, less delicate approach – works like Lovely Legs utilize hard overlapping lines to create depth and volume on a flat surface. 

A woodcut of some bathers' legs underwaterLovely Legs, color reduction woodcut

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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